Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back from New Mexico for a week-- what now?

Well I have been home from New Mexico for a whole week now and it felt rather strange coming home after the long journey which lasted five weeks. The homecoming was a bit strange but things smoothed out at home after a couple of days.
I keep having recollections about the things that I did and the places I visited and all the wonderful people I met all of which I find my self relating to family and friends.

Favorite recollections:
Working at the Habitat for Humanity was a powerful experience in providing seva and it means more now to  me that when I was actually working on the house. Attending the dedication on my final day and meeting the needy family who moved into the recently completed home was totally moving for me then ..and now. Seeing the young mothers face and hearing her heartfelt thanks to all of us volunteers was just so  moving..

Visiting the Hummingbird Community which almost didn't happen was one of the most spiritual experiences I had. Hummingbird almost did not happen except that Mandy Creighton read my letter and asked me to visit. Our group meditation in the community center, sharing our thoughts with one another and helping  these generous individuals who opened their doors and hearts to me was something I really cherished.

Meeting my friend Carolyn and visiting the Jemez Pueblo for meditation in a Native American setting was just beautiful. After meeting Carolyn and realizing how effortlessly our conversation flowed and how similar we are in many ways made me so thankful I have met a kindred spirit who took time to show me the things she cherished.

The pictures I posted on Facebook documented the fact I have been to these places. But the feelings in my heart and spirit and the connection I felt are what made this experience so powerful.

My goals:
Provide seva to others: Success as working at HFH and Roadrunner Food Bank fulfilled this goal.

Increase my spiritual growth:  This seems to be an ongoing goal. Visiting the Hanuman Temple sharpened my focus, meditation at Hummingbird and at the Jemez Pueblo made me aware of my own spirituality more that I have ever been in the past. I feel that changes and they will continue to evolve. I continue to connect with the outdoors and with nature, this seems to be my true calling and leads me to a set of pantheistic beliefs.
Discussions with all those I encountered along the way allowed me to consider, absorb reject or modify ideas of others and keep what I found inside of me.

Increase my self reliance and become my own best friend:  These items were already well formed but my pilgrimage definitely sharpened and brought them into focus.  I definitely am happy with myself and feel empowered by my experience.
Raise my level of humility:  After working in an area where so many are at an economic disadvantage, I am humbled to think how fortunate I have been and also how much it means to assist those who are less fortunate than we are.

Be a friend to those in need: Seems like this happened as a result of all that I accomplished on this journey.

I can say this journey is ongoing as is life itself and I intend to strive to make mine as fulfilling as I am capable of..

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  1. Blessings and Joy, Brother.
    Thank you for sharing your journey, your thoughts and realizations and your gratitude. It was such a gratifying and delightful surprise to discover a kindred spirit bringing gentle light into my life. And, truly, the joy was mine in being able to share my special places. Our days together flowed, a reminder of what present time feels like when you allow yourself. And I got to revisit so much just by you doing and sharing.

    My heart has been a little fuller since you journeyed through New Mexico and my spirit lighter.

    So thank you, dear friend. I am certain you touched all the people you met, worked with and stayed with.

    Blessed journey...continue on gentle breezes and soft whispers of the heart.